Complio helps you in maintaining clinical details, documentation box medical certifications, immunizations, fingerprinting, drug testing, background screening, and other associated things. One of the fastest management systems we have is complio and it got its reach because of the online solution as well as for being very comprehensive in all the clinical related works. The compliance rules can be customized according to the on date technology and also provides every factor digital. This is a kind of background checks done by American data Bank in order to track and provide details

Know about complio login?

  • Log onto the website
  • Provide the created user name
  • Type the password
  • Click the option sign in

Complio-Forgot User ID or Password?

If you have forgotten the username or password it is very simple to retrieve and you need to follwo the below instructions
  • Click the option forgot user ID or password
  • It will redirect to the recovery page
  • Choose the appropriate option to recover
  • Click username if you want to retrieve username or click password if you are trying for password retrieval
  • Provide your email ID
  • Check your email for the verification code
  • Type the verification code in the option given
  • Click the option generate code
  • You will get the verification code
  • Follow the screen instructions

Registration of complio

To get the accessibility of complio it is essential to register and create the user name, password. Find below the registration steps involved to get the accessibility of complio
  • Enter into the website
  • Click the option employer complio login found at the top right corner of the webpage
  • Open the website
  • Click the option new to complio
  • Create a strong username
  • Type the password
  • free type the same password that you have created for confirmation
  • Personal information
  • Type your first name, middle name and last name
  • Select the gender from the dropdown list
  • Select the date of birth from the list
  • Type your social security number
  • Select your profile picture from your desktop by browsing
  • Contact information
  • Type your primary email address
  • Retype the primary email address for confirmation
  • Provide your secondary email if necessary
  • Confirm the secondary email by retyping
  • Fill in your address details with zip code
  • Choose the city from the list
  • Select the state or type state
  • Provide your primary phone number
  • Type your secondary phone number
  • Enter the captcha code on verification code as on the image in the option
  • Click the option create account and proceed

Features of Complio

Continuous compliance paths

Various paths can be configured in order to satisfy the requirements provided by the institutions. A specific path can also be created for the administrator to customize the rules and make a simple requirement.

Time management

Incorporation of methodology is involved in the compliance system by creating standards, a particular date, and customized date features. This creates a platform to make it very time-sensitive and especially with regard to immunizations, documentation works are perfect with on date

Systematic expiration notification

Automatic notification regarding the expiration will be set the default so that before the time gets expired, notices are provided to the respective clients. This is to make very effective in the communication standard so that the clients can understand the upcoming details and they can go for removing their process or any kind of needs immediately

Data integration and correlation

Complio ensures to check the Data integrity and also informs every customer to maintain the best practices. There should not be any cross management and information they provide would be really contingent

Additional features

  • Effective and efficient communication to every applicant, staff and other clients associated.
  • E-learning models will be published in focus to strengthen the training of the organization so that the productivity of the sectors get increased
  • Online portal facilitates simplified version and the approach of e signature and PDF forms reduce the time consumption
  • Flexible payment methods and electronic payment procedure is enabled
  • Lifetime access ability where we can get easy access ability to certifications, background screening compliance associated things

Pros of Complio

  • Provides effective solutions related to the compliances Management
  • Helps to overcome the errors related to the technological works
  • Customized and configured requirements
  • Effective screening management and compliances initiatives
  • Advanced reporting structure

Complio Solutions

Immunization compliance

Fundamentally two steps approaches are involved in tracking and managing the immunizations. Professionals would review the team and they are backed up with rules and arithmetic calculation in real-time compliance management. The rules created and implemented would avoid any errors created by humans and also increase the work speed by creating accurate results. Moreover the same is deployed for workload reduction. Maintaining the students, staff and other details on track for clinical experience are very simple

Clinical rotation management

Information related to the clinical details is shared under single concept so that it provides a clear picture about the tools needed to utilize. Moreover complio keeps updating regarding the system requirements and also generates a report regarding the walk-ins, instructors, students, and others. The integration of data is possible and also streamlined data source.

Background screening

From 1998 till date complio is providing the best and the latest reports of criminals and the information source is completely reliable. Compliance process gets streamlined and creates a way for background checking, fingerprints drug screening and other requirements
Background checking is time-consuming but complio customizes the factors with accurate details, effective turnaround time, and legal management

Drug testing

Exclusive drug testing policy builds the reputation of the company and also ensures the safety measures implemented from their end This eventually enhances the organization’s productivity and also creates a balanced state of workers contribution and healthcare cost. Streamline testing process is creating a huge influence on employers as well as employee side

FBI fingerprinting

Complio in association with the Federal bureau of investigation completely looks forward to your needs of fingerprinting. The entire process will be consciously monitored and will involve in a step by step process.

Complio FAQ

Why I am unable to create account in complio?
  • Registration is possible only from the website of the institution
  • Institution needs to be contacted
Can you say some characteristics for complio being different from others?
  • Complio implements the algorithm in advanced two ways so that extracting data becomes very simple.
  • Configuration according to the requirements helps to accomplish the objectives in the clinical experience
  • Customization in the requirements is possible with complio
  • With regard to compliance management, multiple tools are provided for effective reporting system
Reports can be generated according to the details, categories and in the customized format

How can you say that complio has a streamlined process?
  • Requirement based configuration and prompt notification to the respective customers
  • Compliance documents can be easily uploaded because of the user-friendly site and portal
  • Review management is very fast and also provide you accurate result to create a fair practice
  • Compliance process is simple, straightforward and systematic
  • Status is related to compliances can be shared securely
  • Quick auditing, various reporting platforms come from notifications and on date system requirements create a way for continuous monitoring
During account recovery, I am unable to generate the code. What could be the reason?
At the time of registration, you must provide your email id and created the username and password. When you try to recover your account you have to enter the same registered email id in the option given. If you enter email id other than the registered you might not be able to recover your username or password

At the time of registration, one of the requirements is to provide social security number. I do not have, what am I supposed to do?
If there is no social security number you need to type nine 1s in the option

In the registration, there is an option for alias name. What is that can you please explain?
Typing your Alias name would simplify the verification process because if any of the documents have this concept, it will end up in a problem and it is better to enter in the registration. In this, you can also type your maiden’s name.

What is the procedure after confirmation screen in the registration?
You need to check your email address that you have given as primary, in order to retrieve the activation link. Press the link for account accessibility. Once the link gets clicked you would be provided the notice of account activation on your window and you can press the button “continue” to proceed

Can you provide the details of Complio communication centre?
You would be included in the complio community once you create an account and accept for order subscription. If you have any complaints or help needed you can always reach out the communication Centre or you can definitely dial to 800-200-0853